Saturday, August 4, 2012

The Thing That Ate Larry Livermore

So you may remember JS-NYC and special guest star Eric posting up at the (one of the) release show(s) for this 2012 compliant version of The Thing That Ate Floyd comp that Larry released 11 records into the Lookout Records run. While that comp repped mostly for the Bay Area Gilman set, the new version reflects LL's post-Lookout Brooklyn existence and the bands therearound.

The Thing That Ate Larry Livermore culls 16 new tracks from the arguable best of the pop-punk crew of today and comes courtesy of Green Day adjunct label Adeline. Some known JS-NYC favorites like The Dopamines and Dear Landlord make appearances,  as do some new favorites like City Mouse and Mean Jeans. On the hater tip, I'm pleased to find that Emily's Army are decent enough, albeit pretty unremarkable, despite their comparatively young ages. Certainly better than any of the recent Green Day output. If you like any of the bands here, you are not going to find a bad track, so step lively to the Adeline web presence here and get yourself a virtual or actual copy.


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