Sunday, February 5, 2012

Wussy - Strawberry

So like I said earlier, I've been out of the loop on Wussy as of late. I missed out on the acoustic version of Funeral Dress initially, then doubled down on the brain farting with my overlooking of the release of full-length number three from Ohio's finest. That rectified, know that it's called Strawberry and continues the Wussy trend of their kicking your ass in a pronounced fashion. Coming as per usual from the good folk of Shake It! the one-two punch of gentle giant Chuck Cleaver and his lady Lisa Walker fires on all cylinders here. Everything is almost uniformly good here, but tracks like Magnolia have a Bettie Serveert-y swagger that dissipates the hate that most things evoke in my old age nicely. The uninitiated should think a Columbus version of X, while the converted should make haste (if they haven't already) to the Wussy web presence and snap Strawberry up with the quickness.


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