Friday, August 10, 2012

Live: Two Cow Garage @ Union Hall 8.4.12 (late)

Hadn't heard that TCG were passing through, but luckily the ever-vigilant Eric gave me the heads-up. Among the things I still like about NYC is the fact that I can get a hardcore matinee in and still make it out to BK (albeit in cranky fashion) and catch some OH rock in the evenings, so post-posicore at ABC, I pre-gamed and posted up downstairs at Union Hall as Uncle Leon and the Alibis were getting under way. Hooked up with Eric and talked to Micah for a sec. Uncle Leon and co were ok. Reminded me a lot of the heydey of the much-missed Hangdogs. Songs were pretty good, but they had a least one of the generic Hank's Saloon alt-country type pandering songs about drinking/smoking and/or fucking that they could drop ASAP, but seemed like an earnest bunch of dudes.

UL & the A's had a little bit of a draw, but the lion's share of the crew were definitely down to see some Two Cow. The gents are back down to a three-piece and may even have another drummer, but managed to knock out a solid dozen tunes in pretty short order, closing with a little romp through an Uncle Tupelo favorite to keep things honest. See them immediately if you haven't and see them again when you can.

Two Cow Garage are yet another jewel in the crown that is the Ohio rock scene. Here's hoping we see a tour with Wussy in the very near future.

Keep track of TCG here in the interim.


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