Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Live: Punch @ ABC No Rio 8.4.12 (early)

While they are no Trust, for the most part I've always enjoyed the lady-fronted hardcore stylings of Punch. Their most recent EP Nothing Lasts has found its way into pretty regular rotation here at JS-NYC HQ and the interview in the new Rumpshaker reminded me that they were pretty aces at the shows with Paint It Black last year so I ran down the block to ABC early to get stamped.

Ended up being for not so much of a need, as while the room filled up pretty well, it wasn't a sold out endeavor from our heroes. That eventuality did little to stop the room getting a hell of a lot smaller once Meghan grabbed the mic and Punch set to turning the room into a mini maelstrom of sweaty punks going bananas. It was, with all due respect to the ladies, hot as balls and, should you be wondering, no new climate control technology has been installed in America's Oldest DIY venuetm. Regardless, the Punch Crew brought it despite the usual bad vocal mix. One does hope a proper PA is in the offing for the new space when it jumps off. Things were gone in under a half-hour, allowing for welcome hydration and respite from the olfactory terrorism put forth by the hygenically challenged youth. Looking back, I'm kind of pissed that I didn't make it across the river the next night for the show Death By Audio.

Bask in the nostalgia and/or keep track of what goes on with the Punch crew (like the Euro dates with fucking Negative Approach!) here.


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