Thursday, August 2, 2012

Bottomless Pit - Lottery (2005-2012)

While I was over at the Comedy Minus One web presence grabbing the new Karl Hendricks Trio record, I was also greeted with the exciting news that CMO were re-releasing some of the Joel R.L. Phelps catalog and a Japanese label was releasing all of the Bottomless Pit releases to date as a limited two-disc set called Lottery 2005-2012. Even better, there were three unreleased tracks.

Small progress was made in the JS-OCD in that I didn't get Lottery 2005-2012 for nerd completist cred, but I think we both know that the three new tracks were not not going to be coming down the pike to JS-NYC HQ. They did, and I suspect that there might actually be a small insurrection in my building if they have to hear me play them any more. I'll give the nod to the amped-up version of Winterwind as the best of the three, but the other two only serve to assert that Bottomless Pit are a band with few peers in the rock landscape of today.

Buy the Bottomless Pit catalog as Lottery 2005-2012 or separately here.


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