Sunday, August 26, 2012

Live: Teenage Bottlerocket with Nothington @ Santos Party House 8.22.12

Now that I've drank the TBR kool-ade, their twice-a-year or so shows have been must-sees on the JS-NYC docket. The new Freak Out isn't their best, but its definitely catchy enough to get this old guy to pogo a bit. The West Coast dates were with The Dopamines, but sadly they didn't make this leg, in lieu of Nothington and Masked Intruder. MI are a little high-concept for my tastes, but I've been meaning to see Nothington again, the cherry on top being that I didn't have to ride across the water.

I showed up as Nothington were getting under way. They have a SF Hot Water/Leatherface thing going on, something that does little to turn JS-NYC off to the proceedings. They brought it to a half-filled room that definitely had some pretty excited dudes and/or ladies in attendance. Teenage Bottlerocket followed pretty quickly afterwards. kicking things off with a Kepi Ghoulie-esque sign that both ushered in the arrival of the band and suggested we keep in the spirit of the new product and freak out accordingly.

The crowd seemed to need little urging, fostering a fair amount of dumb guy push-mosh countered by aces old guy skanking the likes of which I've not seen in years.  Odd that it would be so prevalent at a Teenage Bottlerocket show, but I'm not arguing. Most of Freak Out and liberal smatterings from their back catalog appeared over the course of the set, to the great delight of nerds of all ages. I'd expect that we'll see TBR doing some more gigs out this way. Here's hoping the signs get left behind next time.

Nothington are here. Teenage Bottlerocket aren't.


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