Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Karl Hendricks Trio - The Adult Section

It's always a good day at JS-NYC HQ when there is word of a new record from Karl Hendricks. Coming, as is becoming the norm, courtesy of the estimable Mr. Jon Solomon and the good folk of Comedy Minus One records, The Adult Section weighs in with nine shots of the hooky, guitar-driven indie rock we have come to expect from the proud son of Pittsburgh and whomever is backing him at the time.

The Adult Section finds Jake Leger entering his tenth year as KH3 skinsman and Corey Laman entering his seventh, making this one of the more stable Trio lineups. The songs are damn strong. Hendricks hasn't lost a beat, and while I miss the old school Wayno vibe of the past releases, the aces songs more than make up for any (mis) perceived shortcomings. I'd call the opening The Men's Room At The Airport and closing Hold On Cool Breeze the top honors, but the simmering mid-tempo After Four Beers shouldn't be give short shrift. Trust me, you want this.

Keep track of Trio tour dates and day-to-day goings-on at their social media interface here. Buy The Adult Section and everything else on Comedy Minus One here.


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