Friday, May 18, 2012

Tragedy - Darker Days Ahead

I think Tragedy are ok, but have never really been a mark for them like the hygenically challenged youth of today. The shows I've seen over the last four or five years have been consistently good, albeit with a pretty high stench factor. Don't get me started on the facial tattoos. JS-NYC old guy issues aside, it's been a bit of time between Tragedy records, but there is finally a new record called Darker Days Ahead. Again, I'm not that discerning with their canon, but it sounds like a Tragedy record to me. You get some textural stuff, guttural vocals, a heavy part or four, paired with some anarchy-driven song content. Chances are that if you are already down with the cause, you already own Darker Days Ahead, but if you are unaware and enjoy some grindy post-hardcore with a political bent, you may want to check out a copy.

That said, I couldn't tell you where to get a copy. I enjoy the idea of being 'too punk for the internet', but it does leave a man lacking in suggesting where one keeps track of Tragedy or even goes to get a copy of Darker Days Ahead. Anarchy being anarchy, I bet you can come up with a copy on the web in short order.


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