Monday, May 14, 2012

Live: Tragedy @ Le Poisson Rouge 5.12.12

I had been on the fence about making it out to this show, but the decent time I had at the Watt show and the fact that it was an early show on the island swayed me last minute. The Ian Dickson/Hardcore Gig Volume factor didn't hurt either. I posted up to find that a band had dropped off the bill and that Tragedy were to be up in short order, an eventuality that prompted much rejoicing in the JS-NYC ranks. That combined with the fact that the general population was less hygenically challenged than your average Tragedy show bade well for a pretty aces early evening.

There's a new Tragedy record called Darker Days Ahead that is pretty decent, albeit a tad more doom and sludge driven than previous fare. Most of the new tracks seem to have made it into the set, although Todd's need to deliver stage patter in his Dethklok voice made it a little hard to tell. The crowd seemed more sedate, perhaps owing to the swank LPR environs, but Tragedy put on a good show (and no doubt played three more that night on their way out of town). Tragedy are too punk to have a web presence, but keep an ear out and see the gents if they come your way.


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