Tuesday, May 22, 2012

John Mulaney - New In Town

After years on the comedy scene and stints writing for SNL and Conan (I believe), John Mulaney got a lot of notice with his 2009 debut The Top Part. The recording topped the iTunes comedy charts and Punchline magazine year end best-ofs and now Mulaney is back with New In Town. 

If you enjoyed Mulaney previously, rest assured that while the jokes are different, a lot of the same ground is covered on New In Town. Longtime fans can take confidence that the Law & Order joke about Jerry Orbach from The Top Part is swapped for a (truthfully, pretty aces) 2012 compliant bit about Ice-T and SVU. In other somewhat related notes, a well-known Dana Gould joke is also 'covered' in surprisingly flagrant fashion.

Mulaney doesn't work blue, treading the same path Mike Birbiglia has done pretty well with in recent years, albeit in slightly edgier form. That said, while the Def Comedy Jam bit here was/is sort of new 'airline food is bad' fare for 2012, the bit about Delta Airlines is actually pretty funny and 'The One Thing You Can't Replace' is solid enough to very well become his signature bit. Comedy is strange like that. That Gould thing that still rankles me aside, New In Town is worth checking out. Get it here from the John Mulaney web presence.


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