Sunday, May 6, 2012

Juvenile - Mardi Gras

I always liked Juvie, but he's been off the JS-NYC radar for a bit. Frankly, I never even heard that he had two studio albums out over the last couple years and thought his absence was tied up in post-Cash Money minutae. JS-NYC ignorance aside, Mardi Gras is evidently the precursor to a new studio piece called Rejuvienation. Coming courtesy of DJ Smallz and Southern Smoke, the mixtape sports a roster with familiar names like Wacko & Skip, as well as Mannie Fresh. Rick Ross drops a verse on Power, which is allegedly the first single. I'm not especially crazy about the track, and Rozay is way hot and cold for me, but most of the stuff here is worth a listen. Why there is a constant Jadakiss drop throughout without any verse presence is a pressing question, but it shouldn't be enough to turn the average Juvie fan off.

Look for Mardi Gras in a lot of places. Here's one.


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