Thursday, May 10, 2012

Dopamines - Vices

Straight-edge warriors everywhere are no doubt rejoicing far and wide that everyones favorite drunken weasels have knocked together a new Dopamines record for their combined disdain and displeasure. Again coming courtesy of It's Alive, Vices serves your earholes up ten songs in just a bit over twenty minutes, resulting in probably the best Dopamines record yet. Figures, as there are ominous rumblings about the band not touring on the regular after the set of dates they are undertaking behind this new release. Think Green Day, if they were from Ohio and hadn't lost all self-respect (or at least hadn't put out a fucking musical) and you've got a good place to start.

Returning Dopamines fans can rest assured that The Two Punk Jons are in damn fine form on Vices, even taking the time to stretch the new songs closer to the three minute mark than they ever have before.  The odd fake ending and subsequent reprise on Don't Mosh The Organ aside, the Vices songs sport girth as well as length. And its not just padding, so get ready for hook after hook of canned beer fueled, basement friendly punk rock. Vocals are a little more layered than usual, bringing things more towards The Copyrights/Dear Landlord end of things than ever before, but you can still put safe money on things getting drunk and shambolic live. Maybe we can blame their tour guitarist on that, but don't hold Mikey Erg against them. Hie your ass hither to get yourself a virtual or actual copy of Vices, aka your soundtrack to an awesome Summer.


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