Saturday, May 26, 2012

Live: Afghan Whigs with Joseph Arthur @ Bowery Ballroom 5.23.12

So after the appetizer that was the Fallon taping, I was pretty excited at the proposition of seeing the Afghan Whigs play a full set at Bowery. I rolled in maybe halfway through the Joseph Arthur opening set and hooked up with Sm. I've seen a lot of Joseph Arthur shows over the years, none of them willingly, and have always came away pretty underwhelmed, but the four-piece rock band JA we got seems to be the most palatable for this guy.

In talking with the crew at the Fallon show, it was pretty astounding how few people that were there had ever seen them before. While I am old, and admittedly rife with personal issues, I have seen a lot of Afghan Whigs shows in my day and didn't seem to be that much older than the general population there. Sm had seen them, and as such seemed a wise choice to attend with, so we wisely cut to the chase and set to figuring out what Prince cover would be appearing (Little Red Corvette, for the record).

The set was heavy on the last three records, although I'm Her Slave made an appearance, as did Something Hot and Miles Iz Ded. The gents look thin and sexy for their age and played their asses off. Dulli's added not smoking cigarettes to his reform regimen, which is odd in its absence, but beyond that it's same old, same old. A heckler was dressed down in endearingly old school fashion, a new R&B cover (Frank Ocean: Love Crimes) made it into the set and Jon Poneman and Megan Jasper even got a heartfelt Thanks at the end of the set (I smell Sub Pop reissue initiative). I'd argue the gents weren't as incendiary as they were back in the 90s, but they sure managed to kick a herculean amount of ass for some old dudes. Set list is to the left. Now I just have to figure if I want to see them play T5 with Eagles Of Death Metal in the Fall or get a months rent for the tickets.


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