Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Brad - United We Stand

It's always nice to see some new product from Shawn Smith & Co. After a prolonged period of inactivity, the gents have come through a couple times in recent years, most recently behind their pretty aces return Best Friends? This new one is called United We Stand and comes courtesy of Razor & Tie. It pretty much picks up where the last Brad left off, with eleven soulful solid mid-tempo tracks. Bound In Time is very probably the best track, with Shawn on piano and singing his diminutive ass off, although Needle And Thread does come out on top sometimes. If anything, United We Stand may be accused of being a little middle of the road. Not that Brad were ever The Replacements, but things here are very crisp and just-so, maybe to the point of a wee bit of overproduction. I'm not a young dude, and these guys are older, so I don't think there is much shame in hat game. If I had my druthers, things would be perhaps a little more rough around the edges, but lovers of past Brad will find much candy for their ears on United We Stand.

They will be in town in the next couple of weeks, oddly enough on the same night as the Afghan Whigs. I would venture logistics will preclude Shawn popping up on stage with Ohio's finest, but nerds should set to picking their battles, as tickets for both seem to be a premium.

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