Monday, May 28, 2012

Live: Rorschach with Barbarian @ ABC No Rio 5.26.12

Among my laundry list of personal issues is the inability to not perseverate on who 'very special unannounced guests' are on punk bills. It's allowed me to spend untold awkward times standing around venues, official and not, to see bands I would never waste my time seeing in a million years previously but the fact that this one was down the street from JS-NYC HQ at ABC made it worth checking out.

As luck would have it, said unannounced band was Rorschach playing the first of three shows that day, saving me the chore of having to once again not get Converge when they played later on that night (or having to ride out to Acheron to see them after that). I showed up for the tail end of the Barbarian set (think: poor man's So Hideous My Love) and staked out some real estate while the gents sorted out borrowed gear. It had been forever since I had seen Rorschach, and safe money was on it having been at ABC. Maggio had mentioned they played five of their early shows at ABC, I believe 13 years ago. The crew is definitely older, but the vocals and B.C Rich guitars are still the same, making for a fun half hour of nostalgia. What kids were there got frisky enough, but not so much that old folks got annoyed, so I'll call that a fine way to spend one of the last afternoons at ABC for the foreseeable future.

Keep track of Rorschach here.


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