Sunday, May 29, 2011

RVIVR - The Joester Sessions 08-11

Despite the olfactory challenges put forth by the hygenically challenged mullet sporting quotient of the band, RVIVR make some pretty top-notch co-ed pop-punk. The recent mini-set at Generation reminded me that there is a new comp out from the kids called The Joester Sessions 08-11 that we've yet to address over here at the JS-NYC HQ. Said release compiles remastered takes of the first two RVIVR 7" releases, along with the Dirty Water EP and a new track. All of these were initially recorded (separately) initially recorded by Joey Seward at Left Field Studios, hence the title.

Get it here from Rumbletowne. East Coasters should look out for local dates, including a set at ABC No Rio on 6/11.


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