Sunday, May 22, 2011

Live: RVIVR with Nude Beach and White Mystery @ Generation Records 5.18.11 early

Dashed out of work early to catch this in-store, as I wasn't sure I was really feeling hauling my ass out to (pic by Bill Shoudis/stolen from Generation web site) Silent Barn or 538 Johnson. I don't make it to the brick and mortar record stores much now that I get everything sent to JS-NYC, much less for in-stores, but it was a pleasure to beat the raindrops and hunker down in the basement.

White Mystery opened the proceedings with a half-hour or so of two-piece mixed gender Chicago rock. They had a pretty good turnout of older friends in attendance for their Spinanes-y rawk. The seemed a little taken aback at the lack of audience banter or maybe just didn't know NYers aren't friendly, but were decent enough for the price. Good drummer, too. Nude Beach were up next, a three-piece from Brooklyn that really caught some JS-NYC attention with their post-Husker Buffalo Tom-isms. I liked them a bunch. Evidently a fair part of the set was new material. This bodes well for some serious JS-NYC summer attendance at the Nude Beach.

RVIVR closed up the night in the basement with maybe three songs before a broken kick drum pedal wrapped things up early. The three tunes were decent, but above and beyond that, I'd recap as follows: lots of hot Oly ladies in the RVIVR caravan, Canino is a foul-smelling (albeit pleasant) individual and one would do well to snap up their records, as I would venture no one is getting rich off this, especially with free shows. Here's a link to the RVIVR/Rumbletowne web presence.


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