Tuesday, April 13, 2010

RVIVR - Derailer 7"

With the new RVIVR record just out, it seems prudent to do some clean-up on the older RVIVR stuff. This has been out for a bit, but you're not going to see JS-NYC ignoring one of their releases on my watch, especially one as good as Derailer.

Derailer breaks down like this: Two songs, one from Matt and one from Erica. Matt weighs in with a rocker, complete with whoa-ohs, a great guitar hook and an awesome horn break to boot. Erica does an acoustic number that didn't bode well with the studio banter intro, but more than redeems itself when it gets underway. RVIVR are on tour starting 4/21. Find out when you'll be seeing them on tour here and buy a copy of the record from Rumbletowne here. All proceeds from this 7" go to the Derailer Bicycle Collective in Denver, CO, so grab a last minute tax deduction and grab this pronto.


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