Monday, May 30, 2011

Superchunk - Here's Where The Strings Come In reissue

When Record Store Day rolled through this year, the mighty Superchunk lavished not one, but two gifts upon the good boys and girls who still visit brick and mortar music purveyors. In addition to the split 7" with Coliseum, Mac and Laura have seen fit to re-release the mighty Here's Where The Strings Come In in remastered form, along with some demo stuff and a new edition of the Clambakes series that captures a live show from 2003. I picked this up the day after from Sound Fix in Brooklyn. I hadn't been to a real record store in forever and was pleased to find all the record store norms still firmly in place: super-cute positive girl that every nerd in miles wants to kiss at the register, cranky misanthropic dude behind the counter with her, another guy outside smoking: some things are comforting in their familiarity.

Here's Where The Strings Come In is another aural bit of chicken soup for the soul. It came into my life on the heels of my first NYC heartbreak and the imprint has endeared this record to me ever since. In fact, it is my favorite Chunk release and it is still absolutely top-notch almost 20 years after it dropped initially. I hadn't realized it was out of print, but we can rest assured that the universe is once again in order. Here's Where The Strings Come In is back and now available on 180 gram vinyl for the collector nerds. You can also get download only stuff, if you are not a lover of tangibility. Here's a link. Free shipping on all US orders, too.


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