Monday, May 23, 2011

Live: Mansions with Waking Lights @ The Studio at Webster Hall 5.18.11 late

JS-NYC has been known to like themselves some Mansions. Louisville (now Seattle, I understand) dude Christopher Browder is the guy behind the name, often playing solo or with ad hoc ensembles as time and finances permitted. I had spent a fair bit of time trying to dance about the architecture of the newest Mansions record Dig Up The Dead, and was pretty stoked that they/he were coming through town low on the bill of some pay-what-you-will loss-leader Drive Thru Records.

The derailing of the RVIVR in-store got me over to Webster early, in time to catch the last three or four songs from the not-especially good NJ franchise Waking Lights, who ply their trade in Gaslight Anthem meets Phantom Planet dreck for young people with shallow record collections. Was funny to see Jim Testa running the same gauntlet.

Mansions were up next, with a keyboard/laptop jockey driving the proceedings while Browder played electric and his girlfriend played rudimentary inaudible bass. The whole set was a cornucopia of tech issues, from amp to keyboard and as such, I would not give especially high marks to Mansions. Granted the low guarantee might have necessitated the slimmed down backing, and the new record is well worth checking our, but given the chance to see them live next time, I wouldn't go unless Browder was solo or with a real band.


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