Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Live: Jon Snodgrass and Joey Cape @ Union Hall 5.14.11

Jon and Joey were in town for another of their increasingly frequent duo shows. This one was at Union Hall, out in tony Park Slope.

I crossed threshold in time to block out some real estate and set up the recorder for just shy of two hours worth of songs from the boys. At least two new songs from Jon in the set, plus a lot of interaction with one of the legions of obsessive European Joey Cape fans that come out to all his East Coast shows who happened to be having a birthday. Was fun, although the room got a little chatty at times. If you want a copy of the recording, holler at your boy. Jon alluded to some new release, which could just be a 7"? Not sure, but the songs is good. Evidently the gents have a new band called The Scorpios with Tony Sly and an opera singing friends who share the astrological sign, so look out for that as well.


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