Sunday, May 1, 2011

Glasvegas - Euphoric Heartbreak

Glasvegas kinda rocked my world when they dropped their debut a couple years ago. Motown-isms, Glaswegian accents and healthy doses of reverb all are things that will curry favor at JS-NYC HQ and Glasvegas had them all in spades. The singer looked a lot like Joe Strummer, they had a bad-ass lady drummer and the neighbors soon got well sick of the repetition.

There was a pretty big push in the Q when this dropped and I gotta say that I wasn't all that excited to hear that the enigmatic frontman had written the lion's share of the record in Malibu and was currently wearing nothing but white, had his mother recording spoken word parts on the record and had two new tracks subtitled Homosexuality, especially when they were not concurrent with the singer announcing his practitioning thereof. Don't even get me started with the punctuation. Soon after, I got Euphoric///Heartbreak\\ flowed my way and can't say that I was over the moon about the whole thing. It seemed ponderous and didn't flow well at all. After the six or seventh spin, I realized I'd been playing the record backward and liked this a lot more. With all the sartorial and musical pretentions, I would have liked Euphoric///Heartbreak\\ to be a lot more engrossing than I find it currently, but it's a solid sophomore shot from Team Glasgow and I bet that I'll really fall for this over the next couple months. Stay tuned here for backpedaling revisionism. In the interim, keep track of Glasvegas here.


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Kevin Corcoran Jr said...

just a few days until their new album is out... i cannot wait! the music is like pop and rock tied together and then blasted into space in the 80's!