Saturday, April 30, 2011

Pusha T - Fear Of God

Your boy Pusha has had a pretty good year or so. Even if your first exposure was on Runaway, you'd be a fool to dispute that the VA boy is nice with his, but the Kanye connection has really taken T to the next level. This mixtape comes courtesy of Re-up Gang and Whoo Kid and has a dozen tracks (as well as the obligatory Scarface intro) that should do pretty well when it comes to whetting peoples appetite for the Pusha T debut on Good Music.

As you might surmise, the drug game is often referenced, as are the spoils and female companionship that results from such entrepreneurial endeavors. Rick Ross shows up to kill a verse with Ab-Liva, while Pharrell and 50 bring big guns but ultimately don't do so well. The young people may feel differently. Ye shows up for a track that is definitely not on the level of Runaway, but does bode well for another solid collabo when the new record drops. Pusha is definitely one of the sharpest out there, but the lyrics don't carry the tired mid-tempo vocoderisms of Cook It Down. I wouldn't call this a must-own, but if you rep for the Re-Up, you could do a lot worse than Fear Of God.


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