Saturday, April 9, 2011

Live: P.S. Eliot with Dead Mechanical and Vacation @ Cedar Mansion 4.8.11

This show popped up on the Pop Punk Bored and bode well for a good evening. JS-NYC likes themselves a whole lot of Dead Mechanical and P.S. Eliot, and as both parties play pretty infrequently in town, much less together, it seemed prudent to make it out to Cedar Mansion for this.

Cedar Mansion is a pretty nice layout, with a basement that is pretty well-suited for seeing shows. The stairs are somewhat of a sketchy proposition, but CM keeps the numbers down and everything ship-shape. Vacation were rolling when I made it downstairs, sounding a lot like Tin Armor. Believe they are from Ohio. Seemed like good dudes.

Dead Mechanical played to a smaller crowd than I would have expected. They always bring it live, and I would have figured the Jawbreaker in them would have filled the room up more, but they blazed through seven or eight corkers over their short set. I'd like to see them and Deep Sleep down Charm City way.

This show was the release show for Sadie, the new P.S. Eliot record and boy did the room fill up accordingly. Even Katie seemed surprised at the draw. They knocked out most of the (good) new record and a couple older tracks to a more than stoked crowd. Champagne was decanted, good times were had. Get the new record in tangible form from Salinas and/or snag it gratis from your buddies over at the venerable If You Make It.


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