Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Live: Seaweed @ Bell House 4.22.11

I'm no David or Jim Wilbur, but I like me some Seaweed. It had been a long damn time since I had seen them, and Aaron mentioned it had been ten years since they'd been East. I can only assume that the show was the lackluster SESAC showcase at Coney Island High, a memory that didn't portend all that well for a one-off fly-in show on borrowed gear. In fact, the poor sound for the first couple songs did little to diminish my crankiness over having ridden out to the wilds of Brooklyn. Luckily, by the time Losing Skin jumped off things were firing on all cylinders and Tacoma's finest dispensed with the ass-kicking for the duration.

Seaweed have songs. Check that set list, kids, and know that while some pounds have been added to various frames in the franchise, these veterans can still bring it. I'd like to see them and Samiam do some touring together. There's a new Seaweed record coming, so lets hope that the planets align and its not just on the West Coast.


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