Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Live: Mike Watt and the Missingmen @ Mercury Lounge 4.4.11

I had missed out on the last Watt show at Mercury, and as I'm not the hugest Stooge-ophile and the improv stuff doesn't often make it to this side of the country I went out of my way to get a ticket in advance. It was sold out, as it should be and packed in pretty good by the time I arrived.
Watt's new opera is called Hyphenated Man and it's out courtesy of your friends at Clenched Wrench. This set was the new record in its entirety, along with some choice Pop Group and Minutemen covers on the back end. Set list is here. Hip room, with Nels and Yuko in attendance, as well as the usual old school NY suspects. Raul and Tom are the best guys he's had behind him since Nels was in the band and they certainly seemed tight, despite Watt claiming that he blew clams for most of the set.

Tour is on til 4/30. Get dates and all things Watt at the hootpage here.


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