Thursday, April 21, 2011

Live: Iron Chic with Dead Dog @ Lulu's 4.14.11

This ended up being quite the evening. Ran into Col on the ride home and ended up meeting her at an opening on Bond St, then rode out to Brooklyn for a couple hours at Eric's birthday get-together before this show.

Was pretty full when I rolled. I caught all of the Dead Dog set, who had some sound issues and were all and all pretty meh when you get right down to it. There was a decent crowd, and as you couldn't beat the price, I guess it makes sense. Pretty decent set from the Chic ones. Lots of beer being thrown and a fair amount of stupid poseur stage diving/crowd riding. Iron Chic have songs, and good ones at that. It's great that they are getting bigger, but the douche factor does seem to be rising amongst the crowds. Either that or I'm too old. One or the other. While I'm being cranky, headliners going on past midnight on a school night seems a little silly. I guess it was free, and it's not like it wasn't packed, so maybe I should just clam up. And use the bathroom before I leave, as the awesome ticket I got was not really what I was dying to get for my birthday. Kudos to Iron Chic for being pretty great. It's nice that its getting warm just as NYC is finally getting some good local bands. May looks like it is going to be merry, indeed. Stay tuned to JS-NYC for details.


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