Sunday, April 24, 2011

P.S. Eliot - Sadie

I'm not sure how P.S. Eliot came on my radar, but they have got a fair amount of spin around JS-NYC HQ over the last year or so. The local ladies have been kind of bringing it in recent years (Little Lungs, Measure (sa), Bridge & Tunnel) so I can only assume some string pulling from one of them got them our way. Either way, the record release for Sadie was a good time and the new songs sound pretty great.

Twelve songs, with the title track and Pink Sheets standing out. Shitty and Tragic is pretty aces as well. Lovers of the post-Deal era of lady rock will find much to like about Sadie. As at least one member still hails from Birmingham, I'm not sure how actively PSE are going to be touring behind this, but see them if you can and pick up Sadie from If You Make It or buy the vinyl from Salinas here.


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