Thursday, April 28, 2011

Brad Williams - Coming Up Short

I picked this up as a matter of practice for the comedy column. Lets be clear from the jump: I think we both know that if I had been able to rub two brain cells together and made the connection between the title and the fact dude was a midget, I would have passed this over like a free pass to a Demetri Martin set. Much like most fat comedians (Louie Anderson, Gabriel Iglesias), that aren't the great Ralphie May, the human sight gag gets old after five minutes at best and you just wish they would die. Or maybe that's just me.

Brad Williams is a midget. He talks about it a lot. Luckily enough he's pretty funny. I hadn't heard him before, although (and from where I'm sitting, because) he evidently has done a lot of stuff on Mind Of Mencia. He is tailor made for the gig, if only because Mencia can't steal midget jokes. I'm not sure whether he's got anything in him past this record, but Coming Up Short has a bunch of good bits that will more than satisfy any average person's curiosity about midget sex, dating or nome (gnome? sorry..)nclature. He's funny enough that he shouldn't have had to resort to calling the record Coming Up Short, but marketing is marketing. If you're not an asshole like me, get your copy and keep tabs on all things Brad Williams here.


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