Saturday, January 22, 2011

Tony Touch - Best of 2010 Live from Shade 45

There are many you can front on in the world of those that call themselves DJs, but Tony Touch is not one of them. Son has been down for the longest, representing for Uptown and Rock Steady all the while. Whether you know him from his mixtapes, live DJing, or maybe the Piece Maker records, it should be indisputable that Toca is the real deal.

Eminem has certainly noticed. Tony has backed him up on the live tip and was the first DJ to sign to the Shade 45 radio franchise. Discriminating Tocaphiles know that Toca Tuesdays on Shade 45 are known for the guest freestyles. One of the highlights of the years end is always Tony's Year End Best Of Freestyle tapes and 2010 is no exception. Of course, front loading the tape with Rah Digga and Joell Ortiz is always a good recipe for JS-NYC props but know that this is the rare tape where most MCs here are worthy of the title. Get the Top 25 Toca Tuesday Freestyles of 2010 here from the Toca web presence and check out Toca Tuesdays from 8-12 every week at Shade 45.


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