Friday, January 14, 2011

Skyscraper Magazine Relaunches Online

All-New Site Heralds Online-Only Era of the Venerable Underground Music Magazine
Today, Monday, January 10, Skyscraper Magazine will launch its fully revamped and redesigned website, located at This relaunch marks the completion of the long-running underground music, art, and culture magazine’s transition from print to online publication, as well as an expansion of its content and the beginning of a daily publishing schedule.
A quarterly-published magazine for 11 years (1998-2009), Skyscraper shut down its print edition in 2009 as part of a planned shift to an online magazine format. Although that transition took much longer than intended, today’s relaunch officially announces the return of Skyscraper and the start of a new phase in the publication’s history. Among the biggest differences between the print edition and this online version is that Skyscraper will now publish new content every day, Monday through Friday.
Nevertheless, the majority of Skyscraper’s content should look very familiar to anyone who has ever read the magazine before: critical reviews of new music releases and in-depth interviews with, and articles on, emerging and innovative artists. Added to that core content, though, will be a number of new topics and sections that address subjects that the publication either hasn’t dealt with in a long while, has covered only limitedly in the past, or has never covered before. For instance, the site features much expanded coverage of books and print media, including graphic novels, fiction and poetry, and author interviews. The film and video section is enlarging to include fictional movies alongside music-related nonfiction films. The site is also bringing back concert reviews and singles coverage. In addition, there will be several blog-like columns on genres and topics ranging from modern classical music and the British indie music scene to comedy and small-press recordings (limited edition vinyl, cassettes, et al).
There are various other changes and improvements in store, too; this beta version of the new site will be continually upgraded and expanded in the coming weeks and months. Eventually, the site will host audio-visual content, such as streaming or downloadable music, videos, and photo galleries, and reporting will branch out into still more types of media, including technology, industry, and television. For now, though, the relaunch of hopefully marks the reemergence of a familiar and welcome voice in the indie subculture. Please share the news of Skyscraper’s return with your readers, colleagues, and friends.

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