Sunday, January 9, 2011

Mustaine: A Heavy Metal Memoir

I can't say that Megadeth were ever my favorite band. Like Slayer, I had respect for them, but always enjoyed them much more vicariously through other metalheads. I enjoyed Mustaine's shit-talking more than I enjoyed the music and recent TV appearances seem to have only sharpened his acid tongue. As such, I was much more stoked at the prospect of a Mustaine book than I was for a new Megadeth record.

On a recent That Metal Show appearance, our hero mentioned that he thought that Mustaine: A Heavy Metal Memoir would be coming out, but that his legal team had expressed their doubts. Those issues seem to have been put to rest, at least to the point where the book could make itself available for litigious response via It Books/Harper Collins.

Mustaine is a pretty good read. Those unlucky enough to be of a non-metal nature may not be the target demographic, but those with even a passing affection for thrash metal will find much to be entertained by. Our hero pulls no punches when it comes to asserting his role in the early days of Metallica or his former bandmates therein. Mustaine is just as candid about his own short-comings and missteps personally and with Megadeth, All of which make for a hell of a great read that JS-NYC recommends highly. I only wish there was an audiobook in Mustaine's own snarl to make Mustaine: A Heavy Metal Memoir totally aces.


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