Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Capital - Givers Takers

I haven't been into Long Island hardcore for a long time. I always liked Garden Variety, and the guys from V.O.D always were solid dudes, but it's been only the advent of the Dead Broke roster that brought the LIHC back on my radar. Iron Chic are pretty aces, and although I knew of Capital previously, I didn't realize until a couple of minutes ago that they shared members.

It makes sense, as both franchises bring it nicely. There's a middle ground of Dag Nasty, although Capital definitely blaze more of a hard guy trail. It's not done without a sense of humor, as evinced by the awesome prank call where they impersonate a fake tough guy band from NJ called T.U.F.F, short for Tools Used For Fighting. That is fucking classic.

The rest of Givers Takers is pretty great as well. It's mixed and mastered by Chris Hannah of Propagandhi, if that sways you. I'll go out on a limb and say that there are no real respectable new school NYC area hardcore franchises. Feel free to prove me wrong, but in the absence of any others, major props are due to Capital for keeping hardcore vibrant around Gotham. Capital are giving the digital version of Givers Takers away for free, but those that are of a mind to own vinyl versions can reach out to Underground Communique.


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