Monday, January 31, 2011

Live: The Hold Steady @ Music Hall Of Williamsburg 1.30.11

Another $25 show, and another one that was marked with a fair degree of ambivalence. This one was on a Sunday, and not one bound by a curfew, plus some shitty hipster band was opening. Regardless, Eric got tickets and we ended up hooking up with Dave and Jina for the show. We posted up on the side of the stage while the gents romped through a pretty decent set.

No keyboard this time around. Big homie from Lucero is still in the band, playing decent enough guitar and stepping up with some harmonized leads every once in a while. Still not crazy about that eventuality, but The Hold Steady still can bring it. I didn't get tickets for the second night, nor did I get tickets for the March show at Terminal 5, which seems to mark the end of an era. Kind of a bummer, but life goes on. Stay tuned as to what big act the Hold Steady will be opening for this Summer here and check out the new Live From Soho EP.


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