Saturday, January 29, 2011

Be My Doppelganger - No Composure

I saw Be My Doppelganger for the first time last year when they rolled through with the mighty Dopamines. I don't remember too much about the parties, but I'm pretty sure no one in the band is svelte enough to be the cover guy. My skinny-guy elitism aside, Be My Doppelganger play the type of shirt-off canned beer rock that has been the soundtrack to a score of basement shows.

No Composure has been out for a bit. Apologies to the gents for taking so long in getting to this, but if you like yourself some of the hooky midwestern punk rock that Dopamines purvey, you may be so inclined as to hoist a frosty beverage and shout along with the twenty-four minutes of delight here. If you're one to play stats-pro with the liner notes, know that Adam from The Copyrights mans the boards with Matt Allison and that it comes out courtesy of your friends at It's Alive. Get it here.


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