Sunday, January 16, 2011

Bobby Bare Jr. - a storm, a tree, an acoustic ep

So you may have read that Bobby Bare Jr. has a new record out on Thirty Tigers called A Storm, A Tree, My Mother's Head. Well, if you took to that, you may be interested to know that Bobby has also released an aptly named companion six song EP of acoustic demo versions called a storm, a tree, an acoustic ep. It's good. Really good, actually.

Bare Jr. constantly changes his backing bands. He recorded the studio A Storm with most of My Morning Jacket backing him, but the dates behind the band saw Bobby opting for a solo acoustic format backed by former Young Criminals Starvation League cohort Carey Kotsionis and her sister Courtney on backing vocals. He is a natural performer, equally able to front a loud rock band or a solo acoustic show, and equally formidable as a songwriter, making for a compelling performance regardless of its presentation. The six songs on a storm, a tree, an acoustic ep assert that fact pretty definitively, so why not just cut to the chase and pony up a sawbuck for a copy here. Or sign up for Bobby's mailing list here and get it for free. Either way, don't postpone joy. Whether you opt for the album version or the acoustic ep, you're in for a hell of a good time.


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