Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Jawbreaker - Unfun reissue

So I got Unfun for the first time when I asked for the new Jawbox at the Music Shack on Central Ave in Albany. It wasn't until I got home that I realized the mistake, but one listen to the opening track (Want, for the ignorant) was enough to make me consider the switch divine providence. Unfun was the first full-length for our heroes, initially released on the now-defunct Shredder Records. The cd that I bought back then appended their Whack And Blight EP on the end for good measure.

As it has been 20 years since this dropped, the Adam Pfahler curated Blackball Records has remastered and reissued Unfun, with the W&B ep and 7" mix of Busy added for good measure. In the event you were wondering: yes it holds up just fine and no I won't be offended if you stop reading now to purchase this immediately. In fact, here's a link to Blackball to expedite the process. Thank me (and them) later.

Recent times have found Blake helming forgetters. Chris is Olympia and plays with Mutoid Men. Both have lots of post-grad education under their belt. In addition to being a Dad and running Blackball, Adam still runs Lost Weekend Video in San Francisco and has played in J. Church, Whysall Lane and The Moons. In somewhat related awesome esoterica his wife Lydia worked at the DC Haagen Dazs with Ian MacKaye and Henry Garfield. Small world, the punk world. Despite their untimely passing over a decade ago, the legacy of Jawbreaker is one to be learned, loved and respected. Buy their records old and new and pray that they don't ruin that legacy by reuniting.


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