Monday, May 17, 2010

Propagandhi - The Recovered EP

I like Propapandhi ok. I have **ahem** acquired the lion's share of their catalog over their years but have failed thus far to really fall head over heels for their brand of positive political punk. How To Clean Everything has long been extolled as a high water mark, and I figured the John K./Weakerthans connection would be more than enough to at least have a song or two that would be a go-to. I've seen the boys live a couple times in recent years and had a good time, so all hope is not lost, I guess.

I like Recovered more than I liked a lot of the Propagandhi that came before it. I'm not sure what this says, but in digging deeper I find that of the three songs, two are recent covers, and one is an outtake from How To Clean Everything, with John K. Samson on vocals. I was most pleased to find that said track was in fact an outtake, as it sounded enough like someone mocking Samson enough that I was prepared to troll the interwebs for word on some heretofore unknown beef between the parties. As the track dates from 1993, the reedy Slips & Tangles vocal makes a lot more sense and reading the (digital) liner notes, the track was initially vetoed by Fat Mike, who claimed Samson's voice sounded like Kermit The Frog. Relistening afterward, I had to laugh out loud, but make your own call. As regards the covers, the Code Of Honor is the more political of the two (shockingly enough). On the other side of the coin, Propagandhi neatly avoid a quiet word from The Pixies camp by covering Gamble rather than Gouge Away. Both covers had rhythm tracks recorded during the Less Talk, More Rock era with new vocals and guitars added by Chris earlier this year in his home studio.

So why release this at all, you ask? Well, as it is on G7, there is a higher minded cause. All proceeds from The Recovered EP will go to the non-profit Partners In Health. This little chestnut is digital only, but there are extended digital liner notes for your perusing pleasure. Window-shop or out and out procurement can take place here, courtesy of your friends at G7 Welcoming Committee.


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