Saturday, May 15, 2010

Live: The Figgs @ Fontanas 6.14.10

Springtime, a Friday and The Figgs at 8pm are a pretty unbeatable combination. I went straight from work to find a surprisingly large crowd present to see America's Finest Rock Band. Not a lot of spring chickens (or hens for that matter) but I was able to grab a couple minutes with Casino Hayes before things jumped off. The Brothers Johnson arrived in short order and things could easily said to be on.

The reason for the show was that there's a new Figgs record called The Man Who Fights Himself. Given the short lead-off set, they played the record in it's entirety, with only two dips into the back catalog, but please be informed that your Figgs brought it and the crowd gave it right back. The new songs sounded good and it seemed like they almost knew them, with Gent managed to play some serious clammage into an interpolation of Big Log that was almost a set-stealer. I think I like Happy Hour Figgs shows and the rest of the rooms sure seemed to as well. It was definitely one of the bigger shows I've seen the boys do in recent years. Hopefully they can also tag onto some of the Soul Asylum dates now that Donnelly is playing with them. 400 years in, The Figgs will still rock your ass in a pronounced fashion if you let them. Pick up The Man Who Fights Himself here and have the good sense to check here regularly to see where you can get your dose of their live show.


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