Thursday, May 27, 2010

Free PF Cuttin Guru Tribute mix at Unkut

Before we start, let me reiterate from the jump: Unkut is the best hip-hop site on the web. Today it's because there is a bananas episode of East NY Radio featuring your boy PF Cuttin for free there. Here. It's a tribute (of sorts) to Guru called Rest In Power and while it makes little sense as a title, the 32 tracks are all fucking killer. If you come away with anything from the download, it will be that Sean Price is one of the best MCs ever. P proves this point over the three tracks he appears on, straight bodying all comers with his verses. As contemporaries go, only Joell Ortiz can even hold a candle to his skills (and spare me your Ruck carping, I know the history). The Diaz Bros Guru tribute track is probably the best tribute track, but the contributions from Redman, Colon Spitz, St. Laz and Special Ed (with Chubb Rock) are pretty banging their own selves.

Did I mention that it's free? Cop that shit. Rest In Peace, Guru and let us not forget Fuck Solar.