Friday, May 7, 2010

The Riot Before - Rebellion

I have been exposed to a lot of bands since the inception of JS-NYC, but few have made an impression as big as Richmond, VA's The Riot Before. They sent their last record, Fists Buried In Pockets to me last years and I fell for it in a big way. Their singer Brett Adams knows his way around a hook, but doesn't get all cheesy and Asslight Anthem with it. Think a less irritating version of same combined with Against Me if the front guy stopped tying to be Joe Strummer for once. If it's easier, just consider The Riot Before a better, more earnest, version of both.

Rebellion was recorded with J. Robbins and is out as of last week on Paper and Plastick. The opening track gets a little out there, but not in a totally bad way. The rest of the record is more along the lines of their previous stuff and steps up with nine more tracks that are all pretty damn great. If The Oregon Trail doesn't get to be a big song for them, I'm going to lose all faith whatsoever in the youth of America. Then again, I'm really feeling that new Paramore track, so I could be worse off than I even suspected. My issues aside, pick up your copy of Rebellion here in a myriad of forms, then revel in its awesomeness. Once bitten, check the TRB blog here and harass them incessantly about when they are going to make it to NYC.

Up the punx!


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