Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Jeff Klein - Death Of The Fox EP

Jeff has been occupying his time not spent as a Twilight Singer of late with his My Jerusalem project, so it was news to me when I got an e-mail offering the new Death Of The Fox EP. I snapped it up in short order and have been pretty impressed. It reminds me a lot of The Hustler and the aforementioned Dulli/Lanegan helmed indie choir. There are percolating beats and lots of reverb, along with the quality songcraft that I'm continually amazed springs from Newburgh. My favorite is I Just Want My Fucking Life Back, but all of the tracks are pretty quality. Buy it here.

Further investigation reveals that this is but one of two EP slated to come out this year from Klein. There is evidently also a full-length from My Jerusalem, so if you're a fan, things look promising for 2010. Keep track of the possibilities here.