Thursday, May 13, 2010

Drag The River - Primer

Drag The River are one of my favorite bands, and undoubtedly one of the best in America on the roots end of things. With the help of Suburban Home, they have definitely raised their profile exponentially in the last couple years, having released easily a dozen releases between DTR records and Snodgrass or Price solo material. It's won me over and hopefully will win over the greater population at large. I bought their entire catalog the first time I saw them, but the less compulsive among us probably would find it easier if there was a compendium of their best material to peruse.

Well, it's your lucky day, as Primer is now out and ready to make sweet, sweet love to your earholes. It would be hard for me to limit my favorite DTR songs to 20, but the ones that have made the cut here are more than pretty aces. Things kick off with Brookefield and close with a Thin Lizzy cover. It's one hell of a ride and one that you would do well to take over and over again. The collection asserts plainly and loudly that Snodgrass and Price are two of the best songwriters out there, and their Cooley/Hood -esque chemistry is one to be extolled loudly. Buy Primer here from Suburban Home. Maybe also buy an extra for a friend or loved one, so maybe we can see a proper full band Drag The River show on the East Coast.


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