Friday, April 16, 2010

Marco Polo and Ruste Juxx - The Exxecution

I've been a Duck Down guy since Black Moon jumped off. The house that Dru Ha and Buck built went through a bit of a fallow phase in the aftermath of their ill-fated union with Nervous, but have rallied hard since the turn of the century. Black Moon are in some semblance of an active period, as are Smif N' Wessum and Heltah Skeltah and new jacks like Kidz In The Hall and Torae have shown the new generation of Duck Down can hold their own. The standout of the crew in recent years has been Sean Price, who has essentially started over as an artist using his government.

P has championed Crown Heights' own Ruste Juxx in recent years, co-signing his debut release Indestructible and appearing often on the road with the gent. Your boy Vic Flair is back with a new one cosigned by Marco Polo and know that it is no less a banger. Canadian ex-pat Polo got major props for his Port and NewPort Authority releases, and he won't lose any fans with The Exxecution, especially with Juxx on the mike. Polo has a slick Primo vibe about his tracks and Juxx is just plain nasty, cutting most of today's rappers off within his first four bars. He's not fucking around with the collabos, either. Sean Price and fellow x-ophile Freddie Foxxx weigh in with typically solid verses. There is also the small matter of the Black Moon collabo. Oh, yes. You read correctly. That should be enough of a cosign to seal the deal for you lot, but if you have to investigate further, use this link to go on over to Duck Down. Tell them JS-NYC sent you.