Friday, April 3, 2009

Sean Price presents Ruste Juxx: Indestructible

Sean Price is one of the only rappers out today that I really enjoy. He is, of course, from the formidable Boot Camp Clik and half of Heltah Skeltah. He represents Brownsville, but has an A&R ear that stretches as far as Crown Heights, where his young protege Ruste Juxx hails from.

Sean can pick them. Ruste is fierce, spitting fire all over the fifteen tracks that are Sean Price presents Ruste Juxx: Indestructible. Juxx tells tales of street life and seems quick to drop the hammer if need be, but shows a softer side through a couple of homages to his sister, who passed prematurely and rapped under the name Blaze. I prefer the harder street shit like system on blast, but the tracks like Blaze My Fire and Love Is Worth Waiting For are strong candidates for the T.R.O.Y and I Need Love of this century.

Pick up Sean Price presents Ruste Juxx: Indestructible here and keep track of your man Vic Flair here. Buy all other things Boot Camp here.

In Sean Price news, look out for the mixtape Kimbo Price coming soon. It's evidently the prequel to the new Mic Tyson full-length we've been hearing about for a bit. Looks like it's going to be a Boot Camp Summer. Until then, check out their pretty amazing public access show Boot Camp TV. The show's web presence is here.


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