Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Danzig Logo Lore on Double Cross

It's always nice when some of your favorite things come together. I stumbled upon Double Cross a year or so ago and spent the following weekend reading everything on the site. I wasn't aware of hardcore in the 80s to claim straight edge when I could have and certainly couldn't claim it now, but I still enjoy listening to the old school sXe classics and run into many of the players around town. My dear friend David was around during that time, and has done yeoman duty in filling in the gaps of my old school hardcore collection. Plus he reads JS-NYC on the regular and introduced me to Jawbreaker, so that puts him in the ranks of the unfuckwithable when it comes to musical oracles. There's a new post at Double Cross about the origin of the Danzig logo that I enjoyed enough to go back a couple hours after to read again, at which time I realized that David had submitted said link. Props are due to both parties.

Awesome back story aside, I never understood what all the fuss was about Danzig, or The Misfits for that matter. Granted I wasn't there in their heydey, but I've acquired their entire Danzig-era catalog in recent years and while I think there are a couple of good tracks, from the jump the silly Elvis/Jim Morrison-isms were real transparent. While Elvis is to be celebrated, there is nothing I find redeemable about The Doors. At all. They are a bad that opened up a Pandora's box of douchery that is worthy of eternal punishment. Listening to the music, it doesn't surprise me that they bit their logo, as their whole schtick seems pretty recycled. It's staggering to me that I wouldn't have fallen for some female with a Misfits jones, but in the absence of that as a last-minute shallow rallying point, there's been nothing that I have been able to latch onto. I listened to all the old music they were biting beforehand, so it seemed silly to go there. Oh well. There goes the punk cred. I hope that Jack won't think too poorly of me. I did enjoy the tour of Danzig's house on Talking Metal, if that's any saving grace.


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