Sunday, April 25, 2010

Brian Posehn - Fart and Wiener Jokes

As a lover of most things comedy and the lion's share of that which is metal, it's been pretty awesome that there are so many avenues to enjoy both in recent years. That Metal Show is hands down the best show on TV, and while Posehn doesn't do purely metal material in his stand-up, he's the only one I've ever heard that does his own death metal songs. While I believe Posehn hasn't gone all Sam Kinison yet and started touring with a backing band, there are two metal chestnuts on Fart and Wiener Jokes. I'm sure there are a bunch of Richard Christys of tomorrow in the universe making music that is burning up the blogosphere, but few could gather the creepily ubiquitous Scott Ian along with a bunch of other luminaries like Mark Morton, John Tempesta and Jamey Jasta comprises part of the backing band for the two metal tracks. As much as I enjoy all of the parties involved, I will still label the cover of the Kenny Rogers chestnut The Gambler as questionable. That said, I would hope that you came first for the comedy, which is pretty damn funny. The title is no misnomer, there are both fart and wiener jokes herein, as well as bits about Slayer, masturbating and Kate Beckinsale. The other metal song on is More Metal Than You, wherein Posehn rightfully claims same. Again, not anything I'm going to throw in heavy rotation, but a respectable metal effort. The comedy, on the other hand, is pretty damn aces. If you're metal, you'll be over the moon. Get your fair share of Fart and Wiener Jokes from Relapse, along with some pretty cool pre-order packages. Here's a link.


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