Thursday, April 8, 2010

New Devin The Dude

And there was much rejoicing. This is the video for the new single, "What I Be On", assumably off a full-length coming soon. This would not be the song to tune in for if you had been turned off previously by Devin and/or his predeliction for referencing weed, women or his nuts. In small wins for readers in that small population, there are no references to boo-booin. For the greater populace, this is fucking great. Why Devin isn't Snoop huge, I'll never comprehend. Devin is in NYC at the Knit on Thursday with his Coughee Brothers crew. He can actually rhyme live and puts on a decent show, so don't be afraid to pony up your hard-earned cash. Get tickets here and stay tuned to JS-NYC for news on the new record.


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