Monday, April 12, 2010

Live: No Friends with Deep Sleep and Night Birds @ Bruar Falls 4.8.10

This show came courtesy of Ian Dickson and Hardcore Gig Volume, one of many of the bumper crop of shows that the warm weather has brought NYCward. Personally, I was in it for No Friends. I've liked the first two releases and have been known to Face The Waste on occasion, plus Bruar Falls is close and small enough to make it fun, so on the bike I went. I got there as Night Birds were kicking things off. They feature Brian Gorsenger of the now-defunct Psyched To Die on vocals as well as Joey Erg on bass to ruin your average bass player's day. The Birds brought it, ripping through six or seven tunes and closing with Paranoid Time. Nice. I'm definitely going to try harder to see Night Birds in the future.

The time between sets featured the arrival of the most knee-weakening lovely female I've seen in some time filling the time admirably and before I knew Tony showed and the No Friends boys got all Dag Nasty up in the place. Not especially original, but certainly awesome. You would be silly to not get the new EP for free here. That was almost it for me, so it look like the bridge beckoned, as it was early and I am old, but the hot girl seemed to be there for Deep Sleep, so I figured I'd torture myself by finding she had good taste in music to boot. As it turns out, she does. Deep Sleep are from Baltimore and play the older GI style DC hardcore we have come to know and love. I wasn't all that familiar with them before, but have appropriated their back catalog, so look forward to some coverage of their recorded material soon.

Oh, even after staying for Deep Sleep, I was home by 10:30, which may very well make this the best show of the year thus far. Props to Ian and Hardcore Gig Volume for showing that punk shows don't have to run hours behind.


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