Thursday, October 1, 2009

Live: The Jealous Sound @ Southpaw 9.29.9

While I was more than a little bit lukewarm about the ringing of the cash registers that heralded the return of Sunny Day Real Estate, I was more than stoked to find that The Jealous Sound had been tapped as the openers for the Diary dates. I was even more stoked to find that the band had booked a Brooklyn club date at Southpaw on one of their off-nights. I wasn't all that stoked to ride out to Park Slope, but the successful navigation to and from The Bell House a couple of nights before made it seem like a worth the ride.

It's a nice 20 minutes on the bike out to Southpaw. I was pleased to arrive just as the band were about to play (for once). The set list is below, featuring the high points of their previous EP and full-length as well as a new song.
The crowd was pretty amped to finally have the boys back East and prompted the boys to kick things up a notch or two. The band was openly surprised at the large turnout, to the point where they were unable to muster up an encore, the new rhythm section only knowing the tracks you see. Blair played a song by himself to close the evening and I was home before midnight, making this one of the best shows I've seen in a while. Kudos to Southpaw for keeping an accurate schedule and huge props to The Jealous Sound for killing it for the short time they did play. There is allegedly a new record coming soon, but while we're waiting, pop over to The Jealous Sound web presence to keep up on the up to the minute skinny.


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